Storing Your Vintage Car: Three Things To Consider

Whether you have a vintage car you want to restore when the weather warms up or you have a classic car that needs to be tucked away for the winter, a self-storage unit can be a great option for your car storage needs through the cold months. There are, however, a few things you'll need to take into consideration before you park your vehicle in a storage space. Use this guide to ensure your car is kept in the ideal conditions:

Choose Heated Storage

Extreme temperatures can cause damage to your vintage vehicle, so consider heated storage to ensure your car is not exposed to freezing temperatures. Talk to the storage facility management to determine what temperature the unit will be kept at throughout the winter, and make sure there is a contingency plan for if the heat goes out at any point. If you will be storing your car all year long, opt for a unit that offers both air conditioning and heat for added protection against extreme heat and cold. The stable temperatures can help to keep your vintage vehicle in peak condition.

Store Your Vehicle On Jacks

Having your car sit on the floor can be a bad idea for a number of reasons. The car may be exposed to moisture on a concrete floor. The moisture can come from condensation or it might come from a potential leak in the storage unit. Moisture can cause your vintage vehicle to begin to rust, and finding replacement parts can sometimes be a challenge for older cars. Your tires can also become damaged from holding the weight of the car for so long while in storage. You can take the tires off completely for storage and place the car on blocks, or you can use jacks to raise the vehicle off of the ground for added protection. If you do remove the tires, be sure to place them on a shelf or pallet so they aren't left on the floor of the storage unit.

Cover The Vehicle

You don't want to leave the vehicle exposed while in storage, as this can cause dirt and dust to build up on the car's surface, which can damage the paint. Finding the right color match for some vintage vehicles may be difficult, so take steps to avoid having to touch up the paint. Dirt and dust can also cause problems under the hood during long-term storage. Instead, use a tarp or car cover to protect it while it is in storage. You may be able to find custom car covers made for your vintage car, or you can use regular tarps to provide added protection from dirt and debris.

You may also want to talk to your mechanic about other steps you can take to prep the vehicle, such as removing the battery and draining fluids. The steps you take may depend on the age and condition of the vehicle. Once your car is prepped and you have the right storage unit selected, you can provide a safe, handy storage area for your vintage car.

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