What to Look for in an Outdoor RV Storage Facility

While your RV offers a great way to see the country, you may not have room in your driveway to store it when you aren't on vacation. You may even live in an HOA that prohibits RV storage on your property. If you need a place to keep your RV, an outdoor RV storage space might be the right option for you. Before you rent a storage facility, you'll want to know your RV is going to be in good hands. Here are a few things to look for as you shop for an RV storage facility:

Look for a Convenient Location

If you only use your RV for camping trips, consider a location close to your preferred campground. This means less time on the road in your large vehicle to get to your destination. Choosing a location near where you frequently camp can also cut down on your fuel costs, as your personal vehicle likely gets better gas mileage than an RV. Ask whether or not you can park your personal vehicle in the storage facility's lot or in your RV storage spot, as this may mean you can simply drive in with your car and out with your RV.

Pick a Secure Location

Outdoor storage can come with some challenges, such as potential theft or vandalism. That's why it's a good idea to look for a facility that is secured with tall fences and locking gates. Some facilities have keypad entry systems, so only people who rent from the facility can gain access. You may also want to look for a facility with on-staff security guards who patrol the area after hours.

Ask About Amenities

Some outdoor storage facilities partner with other nearby businesses to offer a host of amenities, such as discounts on propane, RV parts, and camping supplies. Your storage facility may also provide you with on-site repair staff, dumping stations for waste, and access to fresh water, so you can fill up before you hit the road. If you choose a storage facility near a campground, there may also be a partnership between the storage facility and the camping area. Ask about services and partnerships when you choose a storage space, so you can get the most for your rent. Also, ask about electric and water hookups on site, so you can begin to prepare your RV for a trip before leaving the facility.

As you look for RV storage, be sure to discuss the lease terms. If you plan to take your RV on the road for several months, you don't want to pay for storage you won't use. Once you find the right storage space for your RV, you can rest easy knowing your home away from home is safe and ready for your next adventure.