How To Use College Storage Units Year-Round

How can you use a college storage unit after the semester starts? You rented a unit during summer break to keep everything near campus. But now you're back in your college apartment or dorm. Before you move everything out of your college student storage unit, take a look at how you can use this rental during the school year. Rotate Your Furniture Between roommates and the constant parade of friends who come through your college apartment, your furniture gets a workout.

2 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Unit At A Storage Facility

If you are having to downsize your personal belongings because of a move to a smaller home or to make more space in your current one, you may have decided to stash your excess possessions in a storage unit. However, if you have never rented a unit at a facility before, you may not be completely sure what to expect besides making sure you select a unit big enough for what you need to store.