How To Use College Storage Units Year-Round

How can you use a college storage unit after the semester starts? You rented a unit during summer break to keep everything near campus. But now you're back in your college apartment or dorm. Before you move everything out of your college student storage unit, take a look at how you can use this rental during the school year.

Rotate Your Furniture

Between roommates and the constant parade of friends who come through your college apartment, your furniture gets a workout. Extend the life of your sofa, loveseat, recliner, end tables, or other similar pieces with a rotation strategy.

This approach works best if you have at least one roommate. With double (or maybe even triple) the number of furniture pieces, you won't have to use each option right now. Instead, store some of the items and rotate them in when you need to. Not only will this reduce wear and tear, but it also gives your apartment a monthly, seasonal, or by-the-semester makeover.

Store Seasonal Selections

Do you have room in your apartment for holiday decorations such as a six-foot faux Christmas tree, a blow-up Santa, strings of heart-shaped Valentine's Day lights, or everything you need to turn your off-campus apartment into a Halloween haunted house? If you don't have the spare space for seasonal selections, you need to keep your college storage rental year-round.

Create A Library

While you might sell back some of your textbooks, others are keepers. Instead of an overflowing bookshelf in your bedroom, create a secondary library in a storage rental. Before you bring your books to a storage rental, choose a sturdy plastic bin to keep these texts safe. Organize the books by title, author, or school subject. This can make it easier to find each book when you need it.

Keep Keepsakes Safe

A packed college apartment isn't the place for breakables or precious keepsakes. But this doesn't mean you can't bring these items to campus. If you have concerns about keeping keepsakes safe, store them temporarily in your rental unit. 

You don't have to keep your favorite vase, photo frames, or collectibles in storage for the entire semester. Use the rental unit as a second home for these items when you have a large group of friends over. The rental unit will give you peace of mind and ensure that your keepsakes stay in one piece for the entire four-plus years of your college life. 

For more information on a college storage unit, contact a company near you.