2 Questions To Ask Before Renting A Unit At A Storage Facility

If you are having to downsize your personal belongings because of a move to a smaller home or to make more space in your current one, you may have decided to stash your excess possessions in a storage unit. However, if you have never rented a unit at a facility before, you may not be completely sure what to expect besides making sure you select a unit big enough for what you need to store.

While contacting a facility about the sizes and prices of units, consider going a step further by asking a couple of questions to help you better understand what they have to offer when it comes to security and accessibility.

1.  What Type of Onsite Security Does the Facility Use?

One question you should consider asking before renting a storage unit has to do with the facility's security. What types of security measures do they have onsite that help to keep your belongings safe?

Ideally, they should allow you to bring your own lock so that you and anyone you choose has the only key. In addition to the lock, the facility should also have cameras set up at different angles around the site. As far as who is allowed on site, they may have a booth that either has a security guard or a key code kiosk that only allows unit renters access to the grounds.

2.  Are You Able to Access the Unit Whenever You Need to Reach Your Belongings?

Another question you should ask when renting a storage unit has to do with the accessibility of the unit and your belongings. Do they only have certain hours when you are allowed to enter your unit? Or, do they have around-the-clock access for anyone who rents a unit?

Especially if you work certain hours, you may need to get into the unit in the evenings or early mornings. Having a facility that allows you entry whenever you need it no matter what time of day would be ideal instead of having to work your time around the facility's schedule.

Before you rent a unit in which to store your personal belongings, you want to make sure that the facility where it is located has stringent security measures to keep your things safe. At the same time, they should have procedures in place that allow you to access your unit and possessions whenever you need to. For more information about individual units, pricing, and policies, speak with a representative at a storage facility like Gator Storage in your area.