4 Safety Features To Look For In Storage Facilities

Storage facilities can provide you with desperately needed space to clear out certain areas of your home, or to keep items short-term when moving to a new home or getting renovations and remodels done. However, not all storage facilities are equal: some possess more security features that ensure that your belongings are properly protected against theft and robbery. Understanding what some of the most common and beneficial security features are in personal storage facilities can help you know what to look for when comparing different facilities against each other.

1. Gates and Fencing

The most common security feature that you should look for in a storage facility is a perimeter fencing, preferably one with some sort of deterrent on top to prevent people from scaling the fence – like barbed wire or spear tops. Keep in mind that some types of fencing materials are more durable than others: chain link can be easily cut, but metal or wooden panels are much more resistant to damage. You should also look for gates that require keycode access to let you into the facility, which is much more secure than simple mechanical locks which can be easily cut. While gated access may be less convenient, and restrict the times that you are able to access your storage unit, it's a small tradeoff to make.

2. Security Cameras

Security cameras are the next thing that you should look for in any secure storage facility. 24-hour coverage of a facility ensures that you are able to file a properly supported claim and police report if your items are stolen, and the very presence of security cameras can be enough to discourage intruders from breaking into storage units.

3. Lighting

Though this is not a security feature that most people will think of, you'll want to look for a storage facility that has adequate lighting. This will ensure that there are no areas of the facility that intruders can hide within, either to assault legitimate customers or to break into units after hours.

4. Guards

Finally, the last major security feature that you should look for in a storage facility is the presence of a human guard throughout the day (and in the best-case scenario, providing 24-hour coverage as well). Just like security cameras, having someone on-site is usually enough to prevent intruders from trying anything, but it also means that something can be done instantly in the event that someone does try to break into your facility or storage unit.