Want A She Shed? 5 Elements Of The Right Shed

Do you want to add a personal space within your backyard to explore your creative side, to be alone, or to hang out with friends? No matter what its purpose, the rising popularity of what's known as a she shed is giving more homeowners a great way to expand their homes on their own terms. But before you rush out and buy any old shed to start yours, here are a few key ingredients to look for.

1. A Welcoming Entrance. The entrance to a shed is not usually given much thought. But a she shed needs a warm and welcoming entrance to give it a sense of home and coziness. If possible, look for a style of shed that allows you to have double doors which let in more light and air for comfort. 

2. Portability. Could you move your she shed to a new location? A light and mobile shed allows you to change landscaping and even readjust the yard as your family and backyard need change over time. You may even want to take the she shed with you if you move, given the amount of work put into it.

3. Space. She sheds can be created in virtually any amount of space you have available. But you can do more and have more options if you give yourself the largest interior space feasible. Consider the size of your backyard and intended shed location so it looks appropriate, then find the largest shed you can afford within a reasonable size. You'll appreciate having more space to grow.

4. Solid Design. When investing this much work into a backyard element, you need one that will stand up to the weather and long-term use. Choose a quality shed builder and quality materials designed to last. The better your shed is at keeping you safe, warm, dry, and pest-free, the more you will enjoy using it. 

5. The Right Vibe. Think about your backyard landscape style as well as the home's architecture. While the she shed is your own personal space, it should blend in reasonably well with the overall look of the backyard. While many professional she shed designs feature a cute, backyard cottage style, look for a shed that fits your personal style and vibe. Don't feel obliged to build a shed someone else would love. 

Ready to start using these few guidelines to find a shed that fits your own plans? No matter what you want from your she shed or what your landscape is like, begin by learning more about shed options and styles today. You may just find your inspiration and a great new spot to call home.